Luxe Marble look porcelain


Tesselated Tiles

The Tesselated tiles are perfect for the Victorian Heritage home, or can be used in a monocolour format for a sleek unique on trend look.

Pietre Native

Pietre Native

The Pietre Native is inspired by the rarest and most precious natural stone, faithfully reproducing its surfaces, veining and colours. Nature and culture meet up in this Line, which is capable of satisfying international tastes and fulfilling the latest requirements for resistance, performance and ease of maintenance. Produced in porcelain stoneware, the Pietre Native line is the result of avant-garde production technology enhanced by a search for aesthetics and stylistic innovation, guaranteeing perfect synthesis between structural and aesthetic quality. Its high performance and huge layout possibilities make the Pietre Native line the ideal solution for floorings and wall coverings, for both interiors and exteriors in all sectors: from residential buildings to commercial architecture, to urban furnishing and renovation works.