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Quality, Style and Passion –
words that have become synonymous with the De Fazio brand.

With a showroom showcasing the best tiles and stone from Italy and beyond, you can be confident that with De Fazio your space, big or small, will come to life.
State of the Art Equipment
De Fazio operates its own stone manufacturing and processing plant, which allows them to custom cut stone, terrazzo and tiles to create exquisite pieces. From wall hung vanities which create a seamless flow in your bathroom to benches, tables and cubes to complement or add to your decor along with tailored special edging pieces, whilst always maintaining control of the process.

Consultation services

  • Product selection and advice
  • Layout and design
  • Colour and Concept

O N  T R E N D

P R O D U C T   S P O T L I G H T

Large Format Tiles

With the advent of new sizes porcelain stoneware is breaking out of its traditional role as a surface covering to take centre stage in any space.

The idea of “Wall decor” or “Ceramic Wallpaper” means reducing the visual perception of the joints to create a ceramic surface that extends beyond the individual tiles. Large-size slabs are like a blank sheet in the hands of designers and visual artists, who create sophisticated collections with a heterogeneous style.

The exclusive WIDE&style and Magnum collections feature many different graphic design inspirations (retro, urban and industrial) and is produced from 6 and 7 mm thick porcelain using latest-generation digital decoration. The technical characteristics of WIDE&style and Magnum allow them to be used on both indoor and outdoor walls, making them an innovative form of expression for residential, public  and commercial spaces.

Visit our showroom or contact us to learn more about this collection.

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